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Gkouzis Nikolaos
Military Doctor Cardiologist | Larissa


 In 1998 he was admitted to the Military School of Corps Officers.
 Six years later, he graduated from the Medical School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and sworn in Deputy Chief.
 In 2004 he was transferred to 251 A.G.H of Athens as a trainee, where he participated in the on-call program in the Emergency Department. One year later, he moved to 110 CW in Larissa where he served as Unit Doctor.
 He worked as a Resident in Pathology, University Pathology Clinic for two years and in 2012 began specializing in Cardiology in the Cardiology Clinic of the University General Hospital of Larissa, where among others actively participated in the research and training program of the clinic.
 Since 2015 he has been a member of the Specialized Outpatient Clinic at U.G.H. of Larissa for the treatment of patients with chronic heart failure, which is the subject of his doctoral dissertation.
 He heads the Cardiology Clinic of the Health Service in 110 Combat Ward, while from 7/2017 performs the duties of Editor in the Cardiology Department of 404 General Military Hospital of Larissa.
 He owns a pracice in Larissa.
15/2/2018 Cardiology Department of IASO Thessaly.